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December 1994 - June 1995
Running time: 2 hours approx
Mono soundtrack


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Includes a brief commentary and onscreen information of dates and locations.

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6024 King Edward I
1st Jan-Sunset silhouette at Kidderminster 5th Feb-Paddington-Paignton (inc footplate on the climb to Whiteball) 15th Feb-Newton Abbot-Swansea 1st March-Swansea-Paddington (inc footplate leaving Swansea).

46521 and 80079
1st Jan-Superb lighting on the double headed run from Didcot to Stourbridge inc. the first, full train departure from Worcester, northbound.

5029 Nunney Castle
18th Dec 1994-a long running sequence on Saunderton Bank.

44767 George Stephenson
18th March- Copy Pit, superb sound (two locations 3 mins) 20th May-Wrawby Jnc & Barnetby (featuring the finest array of semaphores in England)

70000 Britannia
27th March- CME (N) 8th April-storming Wellington Bank (double heading with 75014*) 29th April-slogging up Hemerdon Bank's 1 in 42 (double heading with 75014*) (3 mins two locations) 25th June-Bishops S-Ely Shuttles.

35028 Clan Line
4th Feb-Waterloo-Petersfield-Andover 25th-28th March-Woking 100 events including stunning early morning shots and the first steam run with Southern green stock 27th May-VSOE-Canterbury-Dover.

46203 Princess Margaret Rose
2nd Jan-CME (N) (stunning low lighting) 21st Jan-CME (S) Ais Gill in the snow-Warrington 11th Feb-Warrington at speed 18th June NWCE.

71000 Duke of Gloucester
6th May-Superb shots on the NWCE.

828 S15
1st April-Two long shots double heading in low sunlight on Buriton Bank with 30777†.

30777 Sir Lamiel
5th March-Victoria-Littlehampton (exclusive lineside shots) 1st April-Buriton Bank ( double heading with 828†) 23rd April-Hastings.

7802 Bradley Manor
29th March -classic lighting and rare scenes-Bristol-Paignton-Bristol 19th May-Gloucester-Worcester (double heading with 7325#) 19th May-Kidderminster-Stourbridge (two superb shots of the Manor at speed).

7325 Collet Mogul
19th May-Test Run-VERY RARE and authentic scenes inc. Malvern , Stourbridge and double heading with 7802#.

60007 Sir Nigel Gresley
11th June-86 mph down Stoke Bank 25th June-Bishops S-Ely Shuttles.

30053 M7 Tank
28th March-Woking-Aldershot-Guildford (inc exclusive footplate material).

75014 Standard 4
3rd March-Test Train 8th April-Wellington Bank (double heading with 70000*) 29th April-Hemerdon Bank (double heading with 70000*) (3 mins two locations).

60009 Union of South Africa
18th Feb-Waterloo-Exeter 19th Feb-Storming Whiteball summit (71 mph) 9th March-Paddington-Derby (beautiful early morning shots) 25th June-Bishops S-Ely Shuttles.
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