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The Record Breaker
Running time: 1 hour 25 mins approx


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In this DVD we take a detailed look at steam locomotive 71000 Duke of Gloucester, firstly with behind the scenes, in depth interviews with trust members and then through the lens of the country's finest cameramen. The unique Caprotti valve gear is explained in detail along with a tour of all the controls on the footplate.

In the second part of the programme the locomotive is seen hard at work on some of the country's most challenging gradients and we travel on the footplate where the driver gives us an insight into driving a large express locomotive on today's modern railway.

Over recent years Duke of Gloucester has laid claim to may performance records and many of these runs are seen through outstanding lineside shots.

Trains featured are:

10 September 2004 Preston-Carlisle-Preston
1 May 2005 Blackburn-Carlisle-Blackburn
7 May 2005 Crewe-Holyhead-Crewe
28 May 2005 Bescot-Malvern-Bristol-Worcester
20 July 2005 Victoria-Bath-Victoria
24 July 2005 Clapham-Exeter
17 August 2005 London-Weymouth-London
3 September 2005 Carnforth-Carlisle-Settle-Crewe
25 November 2006 Victoria-Newbury-Bath
24 February 2007 Preston-Workington-Carlisle
28 May 2007 Bristol-Plymouth-Bristol
2 February 2008 Manchester-York
12 April 2008 York-Edinburgh
16 April 2008 Glasgow-York
5 March 2011 Euston-Shrewsbury
21 May 2011 Carlisle-Settle-Crewe
4 September 2011 Bristol-Kingswear-Bristol

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