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Steam Against The Gradient:
The Lickey Incline & Old Hill Bank
Running time: 71 mins approx


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Most material published previously in our 'Mainline' series but also includes unpublished material and longer running shots.


The Lickey Incline (37 mins)

Stanier Mogul 2968 & Collet Mogul 7325 double heading 22nd November 1997 epic footage taken on the top half of the bank in perfect conditions.
Collet Mogul 7325 & Stanier Mogul 2968 double heading 31st January 1998 3 locations approaching Blackwell.
8F 48773 2nd January 1999 2 locations.
Black 5 45110 11th December 1999 The ‘Lickey Banker’ featuring virtually all of the climb to Blackwell with 80079 banking.
4965 Rood Ashton Hall 14th October 2001 The ‘Lickey Banker’ with 7760 5 locations including a night shot.
4965 Rood Ashton Hall & 4936 Kinlet Hall double heading 6th April 2002 3 locations, 9th September 2006 4 locations.
6024 King Edward I 26th February 2005 4 locations.
6201 Princess Elizabeth 18th February 2006 night time ascent 3 locations.
5690 Leander 4th March 2006 6 locations covering virtually the whole climb to Blackwell.

Old Hill Bank (34 mins)

Standard 4 tank 80079 24th September 1995 6 locations.
60009 Union of South Africa 2nd February 1996 2 locations.
Collet Mogul 7325 21st March 1998 2 locations.
4965 Rood Ashton Hall 18th April 1999 2 locations with a Class 37 diesel, 18th September 1999 a night shot at Old Hill Station, 30th November 2002 a night time ascent of the bank taken from the train, including a lineside shot taken at Old Hill Station.
8F 48773 5th September 1999 2 locations.
6024 King Edward I 10th Oct 1999 1 location, 31st March 2002 5 shots from the two runs the loco made, March 17th 2007 1 lineside location.
4965 Rood Ashton Hall & 4936 Kinlet Hall double heading 30th December 2000
night shot in the snow, 3rd March 2001 3 locations.
4953 Pitchford Hall 23rd September 2007 a long running twilight shot of most of the climb taken from on top of the tunnel, intercut with a shot at the station.
5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe & 5029 Nunney Castle double heading October 4th 2008 1 lineside location.
9600 & 9466 Pannier Tanks 14th November 2009 Old Hill station and Rowley Regis station at night.

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