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Steam Against The Gradient:
Running time: 55 mins approx


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Most material published previously in our 'Mainline' series but also includes unpublished material and longer running shots.

In this all action DVD we feature in detail the last four arduous miles of the climb to Talerddig Summit in Mid Wales. Bringing together all of the material that we have published over the past 18 years in the PSOV ‘Mainline Series’ there is no need for a commentary as we let the locomotives do the talking on the 1 in 52 to 1 in 56 gradients. The DVD reaches a climax when we see two long running sequences featuring 7802 Bradley Manor recreating the days of the early 1960’s, in a way never recorded before. They are two of the most memorable events we have ever recorded and will probably never be repeated.


75069 Standard 4  16th June 1991, 23rd June 1991
7819 Hinton Manor  22nd September 1991, 29th September 1991
80080 Standard 4 Tank  24th May 1992, 13th September 1992
80079 & 80080 double heading (with 12 on) 3rd October 1993
Standard 4 Tank 80079  5th October 1997, 29th March 1998 seen recovering from stalling on 1 in 52.
Standard 4 76079  10th March 2002, 18th May 2002.
45407 Black Five 20th and 21st March 2004
7802 Bradley Manor  23rd October 2004, 12th March 2005, 16th September 2006.
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